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TracTuff RBB/ RBC Rear Wheel Drive K Swap Water Neck


UPDATE: As of 2/16/22 the old 1/8" NPT bleed port and plug has been replaced by a NEW speed bleeder bung and stainless steel fitting! The combo makes the product slightly more expensive, but makes it much easier to bleed.

The RWD upper water neck addresses a few concerns with the growing popularity of swapping the K24A into a number of front engine rear drive chassis. 

Normally, the water neck is pretty much right in front of the radiator and the two points are pretty much equal in height... and even then, the K is notorious for being a real bitch to bleed! Rotate the motor 90° and now you have to make the radiator hose either go up and over or down and under the intake manifold. Both will present problems, but one is uglier than the other, so down and under seems to be the most popular choice!

To help, Pit Garage created a fixture based off of the S2000 intake manifold/ water outlet (position and angle) and I had custom tubes bent and weld them to my billet RWD housing... essentially mimicking the geometry of the factory S2000 combo. This option has allowed K swapped S2000's to reuse the factory upper hose; in fact... I'm starting to see more and more Non-Honda swaps going to that hose to solve there unique swaps connection issues as well. The only short coming of this design, is that we are taking the cooling systems highest point and asking it do dive down under the intake manifold, creating a HUGE pocket for air to collect! I highly recommend a swirl pot or fill pot in this space, if possible.

NOTE: Made to Order - Please allow 48-72 hrs. for this product to ship - If you are interested in a specific design that varies from this, please email us at The sensor port selection is optional, if you don't have/ need a sensor, don't select it. I only offer two threads... 1/8" NPT or 1/8" BSPT (Honda Single Prong Sensor).

The billet neck has a 1/2" NPT heater port and the hardware kit includes a 5/8" hose fitting, a plug, four stainless M8 socket head bolts, and a Genuine Honda gasket. The tube is welded so that it mimics the S2000 outlet position when bolted to an engine leaned back 15° (OEM position).