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TracTuff K20/ K24 Electric Water Pump Conversion Kit - Complete

$707.29 $674.95

 K20/ K24 Electric Water Pump Conversion Kits are on Back Order as of 10/21/22. More inventory is in line to be made but it wont be for a few weeks. You can check back often or simply back order yours now. I will remove this message when they are back in stock. Back Orders will automatically ship when they are back in stock. 

In addition to the Electric Water Pump Conversion Kits being on Back Order... the 90° XRP Standard Profile and Ultra Low Profile -16 fittings are also on Back Order. XRP has not shared a release date so I don't have an ETA. I will post an ETA when I get an ETA. I will remove this message when they are back in stock. As an alternative, you may want to look at Speedflow USA and Finish Line Factory for an alternative to the 90° XRP Standard Profile fitting.

The "COMPLETE" K Electric Water Pump Conversion Kit had been brought back by POPULAR REQUEST for ONE STOP SHOPPING. 

Kit Includes

  • TracTuff K Series Water Pump Delete Plate and Alternator Mounting Kit (If Selected)
  • Genuine Honda O-Ring (You Will Need Hondabond)
  • TracTuff 20 GPM Meziere Electric Water Pump Mount
  • Meziere 20 GPM Electric Water Pump - On Sale!!
  • TracTuff Pump Inlet/ Outlet Port Fittings
  • -16 Pump to Water Pump Delete Hose Kit (2 x 90° Fittings + 8.00" of -16 Hose)
  • -16 90° ORB to Male Flare Plate Inlet Fitting
  • TracTuff -8 ORB to -8 Male Flare Breather Port Fitting
  • TracTuff S2000 Alternator Reducer Bushing (If Selected)

All parts have always been listed individually because everyone always seems to have a different idea of what "complete" is OR don't want certain components... which makes it INCOMPLETE. If you aren't interested in a complete kit, visit the following pages K Water Pump Delete listing90° ORB to Male Flare, -8 ORB to -8 Male Flare, WP136S Pump, WP136S Pump Mount, and WP136S Pump Hose Kit and choose your products.

Regardless if you buy the complete kit listed here or not... I recommend you visit each link above for full product description details. I'm not going to cut and paste each product description and turn this product description into a 5 page story that wont get read.